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Dinalva Pimenta 


For over 32 years, Dinalva has been working in children’s and women’s ministries helping people develop a stronger relationship with God by trusting Him, regardless of circumstances. She has a BA in Pedagogy from Universidade de Guarulhos and is the author of Don’t Be AfraidSee the Signs of His Grace (2014). Don’t Be Afraid is an inspirational book in which she invites people to trust God and bask in His marvelous creation. She is a certified church planter by the American Baptist Association, and along with her husband Dorival, has been involved with several ministries that aim at strengthening local churches around the globe.


In fact, Pepper Fields International was born out of their belief that a healthy relationship with God, family, and community lead to better, happier lives—that is what she wants for every child. In her spare time, Dinalva enjoys being outdoors, taking pictures, and doing crafts.

Jennifer has a degree in English from the University of California-Riverside and a MA in English from La Sierra University. She has taught English both at the high school and college levels for over seven years. Her love of literature even led her to London where she lived for a semester while taking classes and being inspired by the city, just two blocks away from the British Museum. As a 2013 Teach For America Corps member, Jennifer taught at Southwest ECH for two years in partnership with South Texas College. In addition to English, Jennifer speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and is on a mission to learn Mandarin Chinese. Some of the things she loves are singing, playing the guitar, drawing, and writing.

Jennifer believes working with children is fun and rewarding, especially because she knows Pepper Fields International’s strategies will help strengthen their spiritual, psychological and socio-economic wellbeing.

  Jennifer Pimenta


Sofia loves learning about new cultures. In addition to English, she speaks Portuguese, Spanish and French; she has a degree in Business and Society from La Sierra University, which encompasses the relationship between business strategies and consumer behavior, as well as an MBA that provides her a well-rounded understanding of marketing, leadership, Christianity in the business world, and finance. Her business education is based on the idea that a people-focused business is the key to success. 

Sofia’s passion is people; she believes wholeheartedly that education, training, and opportunity can drastically improve lives. One of the things she loves about Pepper Fields International is its charge to help children access opportunities that positively impact their lives.



    Sofia Pimenta

Chief Development Officer


Dorival is a leader and a lifelong learner. He has a BA in Theology from São Paulo Baptist Seminary, a BA in English literature from Universidade de Guarulhos, an MA in English Language and Literature from La Sierra University, an MA in Jewish Studies from Universidade de São Paulo (ABD), and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Philosophy and Theology at Claremont Graduate University located in Southern California. Dorival is a certified church planter by the American Baptist Association and, for over 32 years, has combined his love of God, people, and learning to help others develop their understanding of God and His kingdom.


Dorival and Dinalva have been married for 35 years. These Brazilian-Americans have three adult children—Jennifer, Dorival Jr., and Sofia. Southern California has been their home for the past eighteen years.

  Dorival Pimenta


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