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Dinalva Pimenta-Founder and President

For over 38 years, Dinalva has been working in children’s and women’s ministries helping people develop a stronger relationship with God by trusting Him, regardless of circumstances. She has a BA in Pedagogy from Universidade de Guarulhos and is the author of Don’t Be Afraid—See the Signs of His Grace (2014). Don’t Be Afraid is an inspirational book in which Dinalva invites people to trust God and bask in His marvelous creation.

She is a certified church planter by the American Baptist Association. With her husband Dorival, Dinalva has been involved with several ministries that aim at strengthening local churches around the globe.


In fact, Pepper Fields International was born out of their belief that a healthy relationship with God, family, and community lead to better, happier lives—that is what she wants for every child. In her spare time, Dinalva enjoys being outdoors, taking pictures, and doing crafts.

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